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What is NCO’s warranty policy?

IOCA Group extends NCO’s warranty policy to any product presenting a manufacturing defect and only for up to one (1) year based on Customer’s invoice date. IOCA Group only supports claims of products purchased at its authorized retailer/distributor.

Any damage resulting from misuse, wear or abuse is excluded from the warranty. For example: scratches, dents, or discoloration.

NOTE: To claim warranties for products purchased in the USA, or any country not included under IOCA GROUP please contact brand for support at

Please verify the product has been purchased at your establishment by checking on your system data base. In case your system does not have that information available you must request costumer to present original invoice as proof of purchase.
Note: Each brand has a specific time frame established to warranty claims. Please consult product warranty policy.
Any product policy only covers for manufacturing defects, and you must make sure the claim corresponds to that.
Once these steps are completed, please fill out the warranty report file and collect all product warranties so you can take a photo where each product can be clearly seen, and you must submit these.
Important: attach a copy of the invoice(s) of each product under warranty and email it to, also copying your sales/business consultant.
A response on your claim will be given as soon as possible, approving, or rejecting the warranty, if all completed supports are received.
Then you will receive an express request for product destruction and all products must be appropriately photographed so that we may see clearly all the pieces to be reflected, as per the approved request.
Important: you must not destroy the product before expressly authorized by IOCA GROUP.
Include and email photo(s) of destroyed product(s) to and copy your Sales Consultant.
Once all is received as per indications above, IOCA GROUP will issue a credit note for the established ex-work value of a warranty.

Updated on: 05/26/2022

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